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Welcome to the place where you can display all the products of your store, your organization and your company at the lowest possible cost

Online Mall Mena is a Marketplace with a large number of stores in Lebanon and the Middle East. These stores are unable to build a personal online store to showcase their products and services due to the high costs or because they are a starter store that does not have extensive marketing experience.

This Marketplace provides a large and important space for these stores to display their products to the public at the lowest possible cost. It also makes it easier for store owners to market more widely for their stores and products, which increases their sales revenue faster, especially since we are today in the age of technology and e-marketing.

Save time managing products through automation

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The first steps to add your store and subscribe to the site here is to contact us either by phone, WhatsApp or send an email and we will respond to you immediately and take enough information from you to create an account for you on the site (the account creation is not activated through you currently) and confirm your subscription after the payment stage.

Receive Your Account

After completing the communication process and agreeing on all the details, the account creation process for your store begins, which may take a few minutes.

Upon completion of the process of creating your account, you only have to activate your account when you click on the link sent to your e-mail, then you will be able to log into your account and access your control panel.

Here the account will be in your hand, and you will be in control of all things inside it.

Customize Your Store

This is the most important step in the stage of building and designing your store on the website. After logging in and accessing the dashboard, you will find that the site has given you some features that you can use to support the development of your store.

At first you will have a dashboard section, here the analyzes of the ratings and products of your store will be displayed.

Next, you will have the Reviews section, where you can see the reviews that have been placed for your store, and you can control them by deleting or modifying them as well.

You will also have a section for staff members, here you can assign members to use your account and control only the things you set for them.

You will also have a very professional presentation in Google Analytics for your store.

There will also be a control panel for support tickets (from displaying tickets and modifying their status)

You can also edit your account information and much more.

Publish Your Products

Finally, when the above steps are completed, we come to the process of entering products into the store with prices, detailed information, photos and other things.

Visitor and user can view and rate all your products, can send product inquiry message and many other things.

Thus, your store will be ready to display in front of people, and you will be building your catalog as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

Why to create your online products catalog with us ?

From brands and retailers, to agencies and data aggregators, Online Mall Mena works with companies across every vertical to help them achieve business goals and accelerate sales.

Drive 50% more in-store revenue


Increase your traffic by up to 1000%


Dedicated, 24/7 support team

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